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Media Room / Home Theaters

Custom installations by design and sound experts who come to you to ensure your vision comes to life

Are you looking for an advanced, state-of-the-art TV set-up? Here at HiFi Buys, we take video very seriously. For more than 20 years we have been offering some of the most advanced video solutions on the market. From flat-screens to high definition, to hidden wall mounts and custom screen sizes, we have been on the cutting edge of TV technology from the very start!.

In the 1980s, we realized that state-of-the-art TV and front-projection systems would make a perfect fit into our business model. We were already experts in audio entertainment and wanted to offer more solutions to our loyal customers. Over the years, we have brought video experts to our team and regularly train our staff on the set-up and operation of an array of top-brand video equipment..

At HiFi Buys, we have the expertise and know-how to find you the best solution for your project. From finding the highest-performing solutions to being the most affordable. We meet our clients where they are at and bring their imagination to life.

TV Projects

HiFi Buys is a full-service entertainment system provider. This means that we can help build your project from the time you start building your home, remodeling or finishing a basement. We enjoy these projects most because it gives us the most freedom to develop advanced solutions. We work with designers to help plan an entertainment or living space that fits your wants and needs.

Whether you want a full-scale home theater or a room that can transform into a home-theater-like experience, we got you covered!



Types of Solutions

Our staff not only specialize in the hardware – we also specialize in electrical work and complex installation projects. Some of our customers want a TV or screen to drop from their ceiling – or even want a TV hidden behind a piece of art that can be exposed at the press of a button. Some customers wish to install screen into mirrors in their bathrooms. Sometimes we install 4 screens in a room to make it look like a video wall! Whatever the project – we have experts on board to find a solution.

The ultimate goal with HiFi Buys TV installs is to make it look clean and go a notch beyond our customer’s expectations! As mentioned, our business is not a TV company. We turn advanced entertainment imagination into a reality.

For projectors, we now have the ability to display 4 pictures on one screen so you can watch four games at once. This gives the illusion of 4 high-def TVs with only one projection system and screen. We carry every Sony projector made – and with using high-end processors made by Marantz, McIntosh, and Sony, we can distribute the necessary audio to give the user a movie theater audio experience!

When you work with HiFi Buys

It isn’t a one-and-done type of business transaction. We stand behind all of our work and products to be sure our clients are satisfied for years to come. For that reason, we carry only the highest-grade equipment. Our ability to match a customer’s needs with their budget is second to none.

Our experts will come to you. We also welcome anyone to come check out our showroom for themselves!


Some of our video equipment preferences are

  • Sony
  • Samsung

  • Epson
  • LG

Solutions & Installation

Make your friends and family jealous with the technology set up of your dreams.

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