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Audio Solutions

Custom installations by design and sound experts who come to you to ensure your vision comes to life

Our foundation and passion all started with audio solutions. HiFi Buys started as a car audio installation and design expert shop. Like much of Nashville – we have always had a love for music. Over the years, we have evolved into a full-service entertainment system provider, for both home and auto. We have provided audio solutions for some of the biggest names in Tennessee. With a history and customer service reputation like ours – you are guaranteed to find a sound solution you’ll love.

We sell a wide range of turntables and can also advise you on deciding which turntable is right for you.

we Carry Premium Brands

We carry brands like McIntosh, Wilson, Bowers and Wilkins, Revel, Mark Levinson, and more. We carry top quality, high performance equipment from the brands you trust. We offer the best quality audio systems and stand behind our work. Our customers know that we are dedicated to their satisfaction; therefore we choose High Performance audio equipment – which can last more than 30 years!

We offer delivery and installation of all of our products. We will even come to your home to help you design and plan an audio system solution that best fits your wants and needs. Our audio experts can help you filter through the vast available options to limit the confusion.



Built-in Sound Systems

Our design experts also help meet advanced needs. Some of our clients request hidden sound systems – while still achieving the high-quality sound. We can integrate some of the top brand sound systems and seamlessly install them into your homes or backyard.

We have experience working with home builders, which is why it is essential to reach out as early as possible if you want audio systems built-in. We can develop some truly incredible solutions when your sound system is built into your house from the beginning. Infrastructure like this not only makes a truly amazing audio experience – it also makes your home more valuable! Our equipment will last years to come and will not need replacement if you decide to sell your home.

We can provide insight for the contractor and ensure that measurements, sizes, etc. are going to be adequately carried out. We use manufacturers like James Loudspeaker because they can make a product specifically for a customer (i.e., make a speaker that looks like a stone so it can be recessed into a stone wall).

Our experts can also help you retrofit your home to have a built-in audio system. Though it is ideal to start from the beginning – we understand that many of our customers are not in the process of building a home and still want advanced built-in audio solutions. We got you covered! We can help install and design the most efficient way to make your existing home have a sound system of the future.

Come Hear Our Collection For Yourself!

We don’t just have design and custom solutions – we welcome anyone to come check out our collection! If you just need a new stereo, speaker, or sound system you can always come to shop directly at our location. Some of our clients enjoy building their own projects – and come to us to get the best quality products. We can help any customer meet their needs, big or small. Our experts can guide you through the design process, sales process, the installation process, and beyond!

Our customers keep coming back because they know we stand behind our work and products.


  • High Performance 2 channel (stereo) systems
  • Entertainment space
  • Studios
  • Home Theaters
  • House-wide audio systems
  • Hidden sound systems
  • Outdoor entertainment spaces
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Car Sound Systems
  • Limo Sound Systems
  • Turntables, Cartridges, Cleaning Kits, and Cases
  • And more!

Solutions & Installation

Make your friends and family jealous with the technology set up of your dreams.

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