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Best place in Nashville to get your Home and Car Audio needs!!!! I have been a customer of Hifi Buys for over 15 years!! Their customer service has been top notch! These guys really know their stuff and Lee Dobson in the car audio department has been my go to guy for all of my car audio needs. Over the years I’ve owned multiple vehicles, starting from when I was 19 and all I wanted was trunk bumping bass! I will always remember, he gave me the same attention and quality service even though I was a young Asian kid from Antioch that didn’t have much money to spend! The years went on and my car audio systems changed and matured as my style changed. I’ve owned them all; a 10W7 in a HO JL Wedge box in a Nissan Sentra, to 12W7 in an 11′ Toyota Camry, to (3) JL10TW3 in a custom truck box in a 14′ Toyota Tundra, then converted the same system into a custom enclosure for a 15′ Toyota Avalon.

Today I own my best sounding car audio system yet, comprised of various pieces from previous systems I’ve acquired through the years featuring Focal Audio components, (2) 12″JLW6v3 in a custom enclosure, powered by JL HD/XD amps and a Fix82. Scott in the install bay is a genius and his attention to detail is hands down some of the best I’ve seen!

Not only is their car audio dept great, they have a wonderful selection of Home Audio! Yes they have $10k+ sets of speakers I could only dream of owning, but they have selections for any budget! I’ve recently purchased Klipsch home audio setup of towers, center, subs and surrounds powered by a Denon multimedia receiver. Lee and his coworkers both helped my get me within my budget. Over the years my business with them probably has totaled over $20k+ and never once have I regretted it. If you want great customer service, quality products, and amazing audio Hifi Buys is the place to go!

- Terry D.

Smyrna, TN