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These guys are A+

Most of the associates REALLY know their stuff which makes it helpful for someone like me who comes with a lot of questions. On top of that, while their sticker prices ARE high (usually retail) they have never had a problem giving me anywhere from 20-50% off of ANYTHING I’ve bought their (speakers, receivers, headphones, subwoofers, cables you name it)

I see a lot of reviews on here comparing their prices to places like Best Buy. I have never walked out of this place paying nearly as much as I would for the same product at Best Buy. In fact, besides TVs and car stereo stuff(which I don’t care for) most of the stuff these guys carry is much higher quality than what you see at Best Buy, and you never pay sticker price if you’re nice. I got a pair of B&W 683s, and HTM61 and ASW608 for $750 off and the same speakers at Magnolia would have cost me $2940 since they sell at sticker. The guys here at Hifi Buys WANT your business and are eager to please and know how to keep people coming back. I also got a P5 promo pack for $150 and a P7 pair for $300, you CAN’T find those prices for these things brand new. Not on eBay, not anywhere.

My only request would be some more realistically priced audio cables. Even when discounting the Audioquest cables, they are still a little absurd in price. Also, it would be helpful if they carried some DACs in store, but they do let you order Rega equipment through them at great prices.

TJ, Paul, and anyone else who has ever helped me, shout out to you to say thank you.

- Jeremy E.

Nashville, TN