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After doing a ton of research on line I bought my 2 speaker stereo system from Hi Fi Buys and I have been thrilled with it for over 2 years now. I had talked to scores of people about all kinds of equipment; tube amps, power amplifiers, horn speakers, DIY kits for amps and speakers, etc. I was finally ready to spend several thousand dollars on a set of Triangle Electroacoustique speakers from an on line warehouse in Los Angeles and then I decided to stop in and see what they had at Hi Fi Buys. I brought one of my favorite Cd’s with me, Darrel Scott’s Aloha from Nashville and listened to it on a set Revel M22 Monitor Speakers. For the first time the recording actually sounded live. Prior to that my only complaint about that album was that it sounded over produced. But hearing it on excellent speakers was a revelation. And the speakers were on sale – half price at $999. I gave myself 24 hours to think about and ran back there the next day and bought them along with a Rotel Pre Amp and a Rotel HDCD Player. I have been in audio nirvana ever since. But don’t take my word for it. Stop in there yourself with your favorite CD and see how its sounds on a really good system. Tell them you aren’t interested in buying today but you’ve heard there is a big difference in the sound quality and you’d like to experience it for yourself. They will do the rest. It’s a great free way to spend a rainy Saturday. The staff is very knowledgeable and non-pushy. I have bought several add ons to my system there over the years. And that’s what they want at the store – they want you to feel comfortable enough to come back and buy another component every year. Now I’ve owned Bose 301 speakers and Klipsch Chorus #3 way speakers and they in NO WAY match up to the quality of sound provided by the Revels. The bass response is so good that I wouldn’t even consider a sub woofer. Did I mention these are bookshelf speakers? High quality and made in America. The connectors and parts they sell At Hi Fi Buys are also of the highest quality so they aren’t cheap. I want that for my system. If all you have is Bose speakers and Onkyo components then no you don’t need the highest quality connectors because your speakers and system are too inefficient to make full use of them. And I haven’t even mentioned the car audio speakers at Hi Fi Buys. Just one word; Hertz. Why are you still reading this? Get over there!

- Cable C.

Nashville, TN